Miraculous Case Histories from Donna McGrath’s upcoming book, Miracles of Total Body Healing, True Cases of Miracle Healings from the Files of a  Master Energy Healer.



A beautiful 5 year-old-girl was brought to Donna for healing by her mother, who had just received the news from her daughter’s doctor from Children’s Hospital that she would probably only live for a few months. She was in the hospital, hooked up to tubes, dying of a severe case of dermatomyocytis, a degenerative disease and weakening of the muscles along with a reddened skin rash in her joints. The doctors wanted the mother to sign her daughter over to them so that they could try some experimental drugs as a last ditch effort to save her life. The doctors had stated that another girl had just passed over that was in better shape than her daughter. She was put on the “Make a Wish” Foundation’s list for a final trip to Disney before she was to die.

Donna performed two sessions on the girl, removing patterns from her soul records. Her mother noticed that the medicine that the hospital was giving her daughter was causing severe problems. Once Donna cleared the originating traumas, her mother weaned the daughter off her meds. The happy ending was that they all traveled to the “Make a Wish” trip with the girl healed and now, 5 years later, she still is dis-ease free with perfect lab results. 1/2011

Kelley and Kelsey, Pennsylvania

(Crying) What can I say? You saved my daughter’s life. I am so grateful I found you and had the courage to bring her to you! You are amazing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! We both love you!   


Miracle in the Windy City (A firsthand account of a miracle) Testimonial Miracle Healing Brain Injury, No Brain Bleed, No Surgery Needed…

Hi Donna,

Feel free to use my full name in your book and any other publications. I am comfortable telling my story to spread faith in the ability for miracles to occur.

Miracle in the Windy City (A firsthand account of a miracle)
By: Christopher Cyriax

This story takes me back to the summer of 2015. I was attending a bachelor’s party in Chicago with some of my best friends from college. The party could not have come at a better time as I was having a rocky time in my marriage and needed to blow off some steam with my buddies in a foreign city. We were to have a crazy, eventful, fun-filled weekend culminating in an all day blowout at an all day concert/festival. Little did I know that partying like I did when I was 21 would almost cost me my life, and probably would have, if not for the grace of God and the healing power of Donna McGrath.

The last memory I can recall was drinking out of my cup of beer and dancing/jumping up and down with a bunch of people I did not know. Then black. All Black. I woke up 4 days later with tubes down my throat, ventilator in, surrounded by teary eyed family members. Once I realized where I was I became combative. What had happened to me? Get this stuff off of me!! Get me out of here.!! I was informed of my injuries. Near fatal injuries.

I had been drinking too much and had taken a fall and landed on my head. I landed in such a spot that I immediately stopped breathing from the impact. The alcohol in my system suppressed my body’s ability to resuscitate itself and I remained unconscious and not breathing. Here comes miracle #1…

Miracle #1 – The Cop

Out of a crowd of almost 100K people, I happened to fall in the vicinity of one of the few police officers combing the crowd for illegal activity. This angel in disguise had seen my fall and immediately was able to clear space around me and revive me. There had to be only 1 cop per 10,000 people and I happened to fall near that one officer who was able to get a faint pulse and breathing in me. Lucky indeed and miracle #1.

Miracle #2 – EMS

Response time for an accident like that in Chicago area is likely to take time. Being able to find the injured, get through the crowd, and then get me stable would take time, precious time that I did not have. The police officer angel had bought me some time, now the EMS had to borrow some more. They arrived to me and I’ve been told they arrived just as I went into shock. I seized as my body temperature grew from being overheated, dehydrated and bleeding from the brain. They stabilized me on the ride over to the hospital and bought me precious time while hospital #1 prepared for a critical patient. I was clinging on to life.

The Brain Bleed

I arrived at the first hospital in critical condition barely hanging on to life and barely breathing. My brain was bleeding. It was clear I needed emergency surgery to stop the brain bleed and to prevent death. I was given multiple CAT scans and the bleeding was confirmed. Because I was such a serious case and this hospital was ill-equipped for this type of emergency, I was to be transferred to a larger hospital with a better brain injury/trauma unit to have my emergency surgery. On the way to that hospital I died. I coded, stopped breathing, my heart stopped. I was dead.
All I remember from that moment of death was peace …. warmth and peace…. No worries, no pain, just being warm and secure. Like being in your favorite blanket. Comfortable. …. Little did I know this was not my time mostly due to the efforts of Donna, prayers, and the care from my passed on loved ones.

Miracle #3 – What Brain Bleed?

At this point in time my family had received notice as to the accident that had occurred and my grave condition. My mother, believing in the ability of Donna McGrath to heal (she had formerly worked another miracle on my new-born cousin), immediately called Donna (at midnight) and sent her my picture. Donna immediately began working on me remotely, praying, sending energy, and using her guides to assess my situation and heal me. At the same time Donna was healing me remotely from NJ, I was en-route to hospital #2 to have emergency brain surgery to alleviate the bleeding on the brain. Prior to the surgery, the surgeon requested a confirmation of the brain bleed to ensure surgery was necessary.

After multiple scans at the second hospital, there was NO EVIDENCE of a BRAIN BLEED. In comparing the scans from the first hospital to the scans from the second hospital there was no doubt something strange, but miraculous had happened. For some reason, unknown to medical professionals, my brain had stopped bleeding on its own. There was no bleeding on the brain and no damage to the brain. Also upon arrival I immediately stabilized. I was no longer having seizures. In fact, all seizure activity had ceased. I had a steady pulse. Breathing was slow but manageable with the vent. I was moved out of the surgery unit and into ICU where I laid in a coma for days.

The Miracle of Donna and my Near Death Experience:

My physical body was lying in a hospital bed in ICU now surrounded by my parents, constant monitoring of doctors and nurses and my wife (at the time). I was in a deep sleep, comatose, breathing on a vent, feeding tubes down my throat, heavily medicated to avoid seizures with constant monitoring of my brainwaves. I was still on life support but alive. The prior miracles had only helped me get to this point. In all likelihood and according to most of the people involved, I should have died immediately or at least from the initial brain bleed and constant seizures. The accident should have been fatal. But prayer and faith had carried me through to this point.

In my sleep I had one remarkable experience. I remember being in a dark room feeling completely at peace and warm. The warmth better than the best blanket or the warmest of summer days. The comfort and peace putting me at ease. There was no anxiety in death. I felt comfortable and at peace. After that feeling, I remember flashing to the ER waiting room and seeing my friends and family hugging, crying, talking to doctors. I remember vividly who visited the ER and the look of distress on their faces. My friends could not see me in ICU so it is inexplicable that I recall seeing them in the ER waiting room since I was in ICU. I was having an out-of- body experience floating around viewing events happening in real time while I lay in a coma.

After visiting my friends, I remember floating in this dark room and heading toward a white room. It was in this room I had an experience that only few would believe. There was a beautiful young girl dressed all in white. She introduced herself as a long lost sister and stated that she was sent to greet me, to let me know I would be alright and that I had to go back to Mom. Perplexed, I remember asking her why? I remember feeling a little agitated and even angry at the proposition of having to leave such a peaceful and serene place. She said it was not my time. At that moment, she turned and pointed at my PopPop who had passed away 5 years prior and she said “We’ll see each other again one day.” With that she and my PopPop left and faded into the light. At the moment they disappeared, I remember being pushed backwards and downward. It was a loving feeling and a gentle push as if angels were guiding me somewhere. The last thing I feel is a snap and a flash of light. I describe it to a flash grenade going off or a firecracker as there was a flash of light and a pop in my brain. At that moment I open my eyes to being in the hospital bed and having tubes down my throat and surrounded by my loved ones. I had been sent back. I had been sent back to the physical realm by Donna’s angels/guides and with the assistance of my passed on family members. It wasn’t until I told my experience to my mother and father did they inform me that when I was younger, they had lost a child to a miscarriage. That child was my long lost sister. That child was safe and had greeted me and instructed me to go back to spend more time with my mom.

There is absolutely no explanation for the above encounter. I was not physically able to see my friends. I was not even supposed to live. And upon awakening, I progressively improved to the point where the vent came out the next day and I was breathing, eating and walking on my own within 48 hours of the encounter.

My Life Today

The Doctors were perplexed. From being on the brink of death, I was walking on my own days after the accident and was able to fly home only a week after the accident. Donna continued to assist me in healing and 2 years removed from the accident, I have full cognitive function, all motor skills, and am living a healthy and successful lifestyle.

See this and more in…I am forever grateful to Donna’s healing powers and her guides for the mercy they showed me. I should have died but I am able to have a full and happy life with my skills and functionality surpassing what they had been prior to the accident.

I now workout daily, meditate for mindfulness, pray daily, help others, and spread the message of faith and love and the power of prayer. I no longer drink alcohol and try to assist others who are seeking recovery from both mental distress and substance abuse. I recommend Donna every chance I have when I encounter someone who needs physical, mental emotional or spiritual healing.

Donna helped to save me not only in Chicago but the experience I had has made me a more humble, grateful human being. The experience also healed my soul and has made me a better person. It is with this sense of gratitude that I share my experience to give hope to others that miracles do happen, and WILL happen, if you just believe in the power of healing and open to one’s own ability to be healed.

(Christopher now works in NYC in Online Marketing and resides in NJ with his family and friends)

Hope this is good and you enjoy my story!


Kelsey at 5 years

ASTHMA in 3 year-old

 The night before I met Donna, I was exhausted. I prayed to God for relief of my 3 year old’s severe asthmatic condition, which caused him to be on heavy steroids and a nebulizer 24 hours a day. I thought my son was going to die.

 The next day Donna came to my beauty salon and said she could help. I broke down and cried tears of joy because I knew she was there in answer to my prayers. She worked with him 2 sessions, identified and cleared allergies to dairy, bleach and traumas from the past. In two weeks he was off the nebulizer. Within 4 weeks, we had built up his immune system with nutritional supplements which Donna recommended.. He has not had an asthma attack since. He is now 16 years old, healthy, and well and an aspiring actor.

-Mickey R., New Jersey


 I am Daniel, 8 years of age, (a genius, by the way), and attended an expo in Oct.2006 in Calgary, Canada. where I met Donna.  I had had asthma and wheezing fits since I was 3 years of age. Donna said she could clear me of the asthma and wheezing. During the session at the expo, I went into a trance. The next two sessions were over the phone to the U.S. After the first session, I could run around the playground and play with the bigger boys without losing my breath. She cleared me of allergies to wheat and I could EAT PIZZA! I now am completely free of the allergies, asthma and wheezing! Donna, I Love You .

Daniel L., Calgary, Canada


A 35 year old Long Island politician came to see Donna with severe gluten intolerance. He had seen 7 doctors and 3 alternative doctors. Nothing would help him and he was at the end of his rope. He simply wanted to eat normal food like his co-workers.

Donna went to work clearing guilt from the third chakra or abdominal area. After 3 sessions he went home to order a pizza and eat it at the designated time.

With trepidation he ate the first few bites with no reaction….he still eats whatever he wants at lunch time…sub sandwiches, donuts etc. He is sooo happy! Like Daniel…he eats PIZZA!


  A beautiful 19 year-old aspiring NY model was referred to Donna in Oct. 2006 to avoid surgery for a collapsed left lung. The lung was filled with infected fluid and 98% collapsed. Surgery was scheduled and the doctor said she was in serious condition and would probably die without the surgery. The girl and her father called Donna in desperation.

Donna performed 3 sessions over the phone. During the sessions over the phone the girl felt cool minty air breezing into her lungs as Donna energetically inflated them. X rays about 1 week  later revealed no infection with the lung 98% inflated. The doctor was shocked and the family elated!!! Her surgery was cancelled.

The model hired Donna to help coach her and manifest her career. In 2007, she went on to participate in Fashion Week in NY and Paris and has modeled for Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham as well as top designers top designers Marc Jacobs, Peter Sorenen, Venexianna, Mara Hoffman, Tory Birch and Gustavo. She was a top model in Project Runway Season 4 and modeled for winning designer, Christian Siriano. She appeared in NY on Channel 11 Morning News modeling the Colors du Brazil Swim Suit line. Her first assignment back, after the healing with Donna, was introducing Jennifer Lopez’s new clothing line. Lea Rannells is now amongst the Top 100 Models in the World!

-Lea Rannells DiNonno,   New Jersey


 A 59 year old man, who had suffered with severe roseola pustules on his face for twenty years was cleared after 2 energy sessions with Donna which cleared severe anger issues.

He followed her liver cleansing suggestions, took kombucha mushroom tea and was cleared within 3 weeks.


 A three year old girl, who was adopted from China was healed of an eczema rash over 80% of her body surface. Donna met the parents at a party down at the Jersey Shore. As soon as she was introduced, the parents knew Donna was the answer to their prayers.

The rash surfaced after she had been transferred to her new loving adoptive parents in the U.S. from China. Three sessions of energy work and many nutritional changes including L-lysine and juicing, addition of liquid chlorophyll, her condition cleared 100% with no scarring. She is now 6 years old and fine!!!


A 32 year old man called me on a Wednesday and had a 17% liver function and severe hepatitis. He had collapsed at a family Christmas Party, was hospitalized and was near death. He prayed for a miracle, and was led to call me by his wonderful brother, who at the time was my Manager.

I worked on him on Wed night and Thursday night, healing him of anger which was long-held in the liver. On Friday he received a liver biopsy. Results were 98% liver function and he was taken off the list for a liver transplant.

His life transformation included going from an alcoholic state into real estate, and then volunteering and becoming a team leader for building houses for Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala. God is Gracious for this wonderful life transformation!

Patrick K, NJ


06/2005  Thanks for healing my migraine which I had had for 2 days. I realized it had just vanished and was gone within 15 minutes after we had spoken via phone.                                                                 

– Sharon D., New Jersey

2013 I was merely showing my friend your website and she stared at your picture…she had had a migraine and 10 minutes later she realized in amazement that it was totally gone!                                  

-KV, Chicago, Ill.

 12/2010  Thanks for healing the migraine ,which I had  had for 2 days. It was gone immediately after we spoke on the phone. Great and amazing work!                                                                    

-M.E, NJ

 2013 Donna, you are a pro at clearing migraines. I suffered for years with migraines…you lifted them in 15 mins with no return for the last 6 months! A true Miracle Healer!

KV, Chicago, Ill


2011 After completely vanishing my grapefruit-sized ovarian tumor in our 45 min session I went for pre-op work to find the tumor totally gone!  No surgery needed…the doctor almost fainted. Then I came to your follow workshops and you cleared my migraines which I have had for 20 years and ridded me of fibromyalgia (which I had not mentioned to you) and balanced my hormones. I feel 20 years younger and feel truly blessed and radiant!

-Maria S. New Jersey


09/2006   I had severe chronic back problems. Donna healed my back in two sessions and now I can enjoy things that I could not do before.                                     -Ted H. Pa.

I had a chronic lower back and herniated disks for three years. The pain extended around my hip and down to my knee. An MRI revealed 2 herniated disks. Three doctors recommended surgery. I did not want to have surgery and was referred to Donna through a spiritual healing group. Donna healed the pain in an hour session over the phone and I didn’t have to have surgery. Amazing!

-Linda H. New Jersey

I had severe sciatica and lower back pain from playing golf. I met Donna at a business networking meeting. She touched it and the pain subsided substantially that night. I took 1/2 less pain pills that night. I called for a session the next day. After that, the pain was 100% gone.                                              –Jill A.- New Jersey BNI Group

Donna called my wife one night and I explained that I was experiencing lower back pain. She told me why it was there, then cleared it. It was gone about 15 minutes later. Amazing!

 S. S. Freehold, NJ


05/2006 Thanks for healing my eye twitching of 20 years…it is totally gone and hasn’t come back.

-Dr. R.A., Los Angeles, Ca.


Thanks so much for healing my 8 year-old daughter’s severe eye movements and twitching that she had since age 2. This you did in 2, 1 hour sessions over the phone!   She and I are very grateful!!!  You will be in her book and she in yours!!!!

– S.H. Hillsborough, NJ


I had had a neck ache for two weeks. Donna was visiting and touched it, scooping it out like soft butter with a butter knife. The pain was instantly gone.  Amazing!    

-Linda S., NJ

 I had stiff neck pain. Donna did a short ½ hour clearing and meditation on the phone. The pain simply disappeared and was really gone! I was completely shocked!                                                                                                          

Michelle, NJ


Before a session for family counseling with Donna, I had bumped my head on a cabinet door and had an egg-sized knot above my right ear. Donna touched it and it was completely gone the next morning. Simply Heavenly!

  – M.S. NY, NY


A 79 year-old woman came to Donna with her right knee swollen to twice its normal size. It was swollen to about a foot wide. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. Donna worked on it for 2 hours. The knee was restored to its normal size by the next morning. A pre-surgery x-ray revealed no need for surgery, so the surgery was cancelled.

I was so happy I told my whole church and gave Donna a magnificent gold angel bracelet! God is Gracious!

 -Mary B. San Francisco, Ca


 A 20 year-old girl with constrictive bronchitis was awaiting a lung transplant for constrictive pulmonary bronchitis which had suffered from the age of 8 years old. Donna called to schedule an appointment with her and gathered the case history. Within 15 minutes, Donna identified the original cause of the disease and did a quick sample clearing over the phone. The next week, during a check-up, the doctor said she no longer needed a transplant. After a full 1 hour session, her General Doctor said she was completely free of all pulmonary disease the next week.

– Sharon D. S. Brunswick, NJ


 A 69 year-old man was in the hospital with coronary disease. The doctors said they would clear the arteries with a stent but he would most probably need open heart surgery. When hearing of the problem over Sunday dinner, Donna cleared the man and he was released from the hospital and came home the next day… with no need for open heart surgery and sporting pink rosy cheeks, revitalized.   His whole family was shocked!

-Arnold, NJ                            —


My 79 year old mother was in the hospital with a severe inflammation and infection of the left wrist. I was told that she would need surgery by the end of the week if the swelling and infection did not go down. Donna worked on my back problem AT THE  SAME TIME while healing my mom’s wrist. The next day the doctors said she needed no surgery. My own backache was relieved within the session. Amazing!

  -Sharon D. East Brunswick, NJ


Donna cleared my Lyme Disease, which I had had for 14 years. Donna cleared it in 1 ½ hours. Within two weeks of her session, I was totally dis-ease free. I will also note that Donna accomplished more in 1 session than I experienced in 14 years of traditional psychotherapy.

-Gisella, Princeton,  NJ


 A 62 year old woman from NY called Donna after meeting her at a show. Donna completely healed her of the severe dizziness and vertigo from which the woman had suffered for 25 years. The vertigo has not returned.                                                                                                                                                                                  -Mrs. G, NY, NY

 A 46 year old woman suffered from severe unexpected vertigo attacks for 12 years. After Donna’s first session the attacks disappeared. 9 months later, a shadow attack re-surfaced after a stressful situational trigger. The vertigo was again cleared and has not reappeared.

-S.D. East Brunswick NJ


A 59 year old woman came to Donna at a show in NY. Donna performed an hour session clearing the woman’s former marriage and originating reasons behind her dis-ease. The client followed Donna’s recommendation of external application of a specific flower essence to the area for 6 months.

The woman appeared at a show 9 months later, smiling from ear to ear, telling Donna in her glee that the tumor was completely gone after follow-up mammograms.

-New Life Expo, NY, NY


While waiting for her son’s reading and speech session, a 32 year-old mother explained to Donna that she had a grapefruit-sized tumor in her left ovary. Donna asked a few questions of the woman and applied energy for about 15 minutes. The woman said she would later schedule a session. Donna smiled knowing it was already healed.

Two weeks later, the woman called her reading-teacher friend complaining of severe bronchitis and pneumonia. Donna again worked on her for 5 minutes. Two days later she called to say she was free of bronchitis, pneumonia, AND ovarian cancer. When the doctor had gone to do the pre-op to remove the tumor, he was completely shocked that something that large was totally gone!


A 20 year old marathon runner was seen by Donna at an expo. Donna clairvoyantly saw a toilet bowl and not knowing the meaning refused to go further in the reading. Donna offered the money back to the girl. The girl insisted that Donna keep the money.

Two weeks later the girl called Donna and admitted to having anorexia/bulimia. Donna cleared her in 2 sessions with no return of the condition.                                                                                                      – S.G Atlanta, Ga.


Donna met a25 year-old girl from California. The girl called Donna two weeks later and said she had been wrestling with bulimia for years. After the first session, 100% of her symptoms disappeared. A couple of months later, a shadow of the first symptoms recurred. Another 1 hour session cleared deeper levels of the problem. The girl has not had another attack.

-Karen -Los Angeles, Ca


 08/2006   Donna explained to me how my food allergies to dairy and chocolate were created.  She energetically cleared me of my allergies.  Now I can eat dairy and hot fudge sundaes without any allergic reactions. Donna and I shared my first hot fudge sundae in years together. Awesome! Thank you.

-Ted. H., Pennsylvania.


I experienced a profound healing and lifting of guilt in my 1st session with Donna. In subsequent sessions, I left feeling as though I was resting in a peaceful cloud of Unconditional Love, waves of joy and in a state of total bliss.                                                                                          –M.S.,  NY, NY

PAST CLEARED/Burdens Lifted

After my first session with Donna I experienced a lifting of my burdens from the past and was flying high. I had prayed for a teacher and the next day she walked into the store where I worked. I am one of her students and have recommended her to all of my friends and family. I have witnessed major transformation of my children and family.  Thanks sooooooooooo much!                                                                    –A.O. Hightstown, NJ


04/2006   Through a difficult divorce, Donna counseled me on how to deal with the issues.  With her guidance I was able to walk through my fears and set myself free.   

Donna can tap into other people and help you see all sides of a relationship issue.  She will clear any negative emotions and suggest ways to resolve the relationship issue.  Ted H. PA


 The hardest thing for anyone to hear is the truth about themselves.  Donna will give you the truth in a compassionate and loving way that will not upset you.  She will help you see the truth about yourself and the situation you are in. Ask Donna anything and you will only get the TRUTH. I have witnessed several miracles Donna has performed on me.  They range from removing physical back and intestinal ailments, clearing emotional trauma, to changing my perspective on life.  I am totally grateful for the work that she has done.

  -T H, Pennsylvania


Donna is an Illumined Spiritual Master.  I am honored that I am one of her students.  My life has changed from being lost in the material/drama world to walking with saints.  My growth has come along way from where I once stood.  I practice forgiveness and being compassionate to everyone.  Many people who know me noticed the change in me.  They can not put their finger on exactly what is different, but they love when I am in their presence.  The world is a beautiful place.  You just need to know how to see it for what it really is.  Donna can help you on your path.  Namaste              

-Fred H, Norristown Pa

Testimonials from Quantum Manifestation Workshop!

“I recently attended a Quantum Manifestation workshop with Donna McGrath. I asked to manifest a significant amount of money (in the high 5-figures) in order to dissolve a large, long-outstanding debt from law school.. Within a week, I manifested a perfect work opportunity that is bringing in the money requested – swiftly, easily and effortlessly – and that allows me to retain my freedom and independence, which is equally important to me. Not only did I receive what I asked for, but it came in a way that was an ideal “match”. Moreover, I have felt an increased trust and expansiveness around the whole concept of manifestation – that this initial manifestation was only the beginning and I can now move forward and ask for and expect even greater manifestations.”                                 Emma C., NJ, Attorney

Within a two weeks of Donna McGrath’s Quantum Manifestation Workshop I sold my house, moved and got a new position and received a raise within my company. Yes, Yes, Yes!!                                        Northern California

Within two weeks of the meditation, I manifested $11,000 from a sponsor, $12,000 from a new financial management acct and 4,000 from my brother, who I never thought would pay me back!                                       DV, Ohio

The meditation was amazing! Afterward, Mike ( Lou Gerig’s Dis-ease) was able to move his fingers- they have been clenched shut for 8 years…I watched him start to unbend a few fingers and the clenching actually relaxed – he was amazed too…little steps at a time and a lot of faith. He smiled! The next week he was able to walk in his walker for the first time in a long while! He has been noble with the many complications and limitations of Lou Gehrig’s. He is grateful for even little things.

THANK YOU!                                                                     K.D. for Mike Rayl

A Short Note of Gratitude

…I noticed changes right away. I am happy to report that
as of yesterday (Saturday), 95% of the constant pains and sciatica, weakness in my left leg is gone as well as most of the stiffness. What a joy and blessing… it is easier it is to get up from a chair and walk without having to stretch or hold onto something before I can take one step. It’s such a relief! The nagging pain in my right hip is a memory. Since the meditation, I feel tremendous new energy throughout my body… now
I am celebrating by walking to work !!
K DeSantis
Editorial Staff, Awareness Magazine
Southern California’s Only Holistic Magazine
Board of Directors, American Holistic Health Association

Thank you so much for the meditation! Simply amazing! I was outside of myself climbing upward and heard voices going up the 10th through 20th chakra…it was awesome!!
Brandon Lynch, Musician, Artist

I listen to The Miracle of Total Body Healing Meditation download (from last week) with intention every night and that seems to make the difference and intensify the healing. I also noticed my nose is not sniffling in the mornings and my breathing is easier as well.

-Kathy DeSantis
Editorial Staff, Awareness Magazine
Southern California’s Only Holistic Magazine
Board of Directors, American Holistic Health Association

It’s so incredible that we met while I was monitoring the speaker rooms at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. When Judy introduced you to us as a substitute speaker I was relieved she found a last minute sub, but had not heard of you previously, nor seen you in the hall at the “I AM Healthy Radio” table. As you began to speak I found your story very interesting. You got my attention even more when you said you manifest things, such as the bottle of water sitting on the lectern !

Now I know that water bottle had not been there before because I cleared the lectern from the previous speaker and no one had been up to the podium while we were waiting for the scheduled speaker. I had to look twice and really ask myself, was that bottle there? It was so big how could I miss it? All the other speakers were drinking from glasses water from the hotel, not bottled water! When you walked in you were not holding anything but your purse! WOW!
Room Monitor, LA Conscious Life

Miracle of the Month -Lexi

2 Miracles of the Month …Same Client… Asthma, Abnormal EKG

Three weeks ago, a frantic mother called me after taking her beautiful 8 year old daughter to the ER with an abnormal EKG. The diagnosis was Voll- Parkinson’s Syndrome When she called the daughter had a heart rate of 50. I could see that she was sliding downhill fast. I pulled off the side of the road and did an emergency healing and also scheduled a full session with the mother when I returned home. Three hours later, the client called for the session and exclaimed with joy, “I don’t know what you did but she was up and fine and jumping on the couches !!! Her heartrate had normalized to 75, just as I had manifested. OMG, a miracle.!!!!