Donna McGrath, Miracle Healer, Medical Medium, Author & Teacher

Donna McGrath, former NIH Molecular Biologist, was invited to The White House under Ronald Reagan for her ground-breaking work on sickle-cell anemia, which was featured in TIME, Newsweek, API, UPI, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New England Journal of Medicine.

Types of Private Sessions & Fees

Schedule your private telephone session with Donna McGrath today.

You will receive a return call as soon as possible. During this brief 15 min FREE consultation Donna will ascertain whether she can help using her guidance and muscle kinesiology. The client will not be taken in if guidance feels she cannot help the situation. Donna is very experienced and accurate in this assessment. She will also determine the number of sessions that she is guided to suggest or is needed to effect a successful outcome.

Private Sessions & Fees
Our Testimonials

The night before I met Donna, I was exhausted. I prayed to God for relief of my 3 year old’s severe asthmatic condition, which caused him to be on heavy steroids and a nebulizer 24 hours a day. I thought my son was going to die.

The next day Donna came to my beauty salon and said she could help. I broke down and cried tears of joy because I knew she was there in answer to my prayers. She worked with him 2 sessions, identified and cleared allergies to dairy, bleach and traumas from the past. In two weeks he was off the nebulizer. Within 4 weeks, we had built up his immune system with nutritional supplements which Donna recommended.. He has not had an asthma attack since. He is now 16 years old, healthy, and well and an aspiring actor.


– Mickey R. and Jonathan R, New Jersey

I am Daniel, 8 years of age, (a genius, by the way), and attended an expo in Oct.2006 in Calgary, Canada. where I met Donna. I had had asthma and wheezing fits since I was 3 years of age. Donna said she could clear me of the asthma and wheezing. During the session at the expo, I went into a trance. The next two sessions were over the phone to the U.S. After the first session, I could run around the playground and play with the bigger boys without losing my breath. She cleared me of allergies to wheat and I could EAT PIZZA! I now am completely free of the allergies, asthma and wheezing! Donna, I Love You .


– Daniel L., Calgary, Canada

A true seeker attended one of my talks in Sedona and called me with his 83 year old father who had 12 malignancies in the prostate area. I performed one session on the father wed night through talking with the son for the session. I was impressed how he knew so much about his father’s life. The father laid next to a Tesla energy device with scalar frequencies during the session, which helped lift the vibrations of the father and hold him to a higher vibration while I accomplished the healing session.

On Friday he went to a scan, which I suggested, and was found to be clear of the 12 malignancies. A kernel of the problem was left in the prostate which was readily cleared in the next session.
God is Gracious!!!


– Mike, Maryland
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