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Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality: Mystical Experiences MP3                                                                                                                               


Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality: Mystical Experiences MP3                                    $20.00

Join Donna McGrath on her Unique OBE  Journey to Enlightenment

  • Join Donna’s Journey via her Multiple Mystical Experiences
  • Raise your Vibration by Simply Listening to Donna’s Ethereal Voice 
  •  Be transported to a State of Deep Relaxation
  •  Learn about Kundalini, Nirvana, OBE, & Angelic Experiences

In this MP3 download Donna McGrath reads 6 selected chapters from her upcoming book “From Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality, A True Out-of-Body Journey to Enlightenment”. She discusses in detail her Mystical Experiences-her initial kundalini experience, her out-of-body-Light experience, which took her to the edges of the Andromeda Galaxy, her Nirvana Experience, an Angelic Visitation and more…perhaps you will be transported to a cosmic time and place where Enlightenment and Nirvana exists for you…

Many Blessings, Namaste

                                                               Donna McGrath+++


“I was velcroed to Donna’s voice the entire time I listened. Wow! I can’t wait until she comes out with the entire book on audio!”

                                                             -Lynn Kitchen, Dreamsculpts

“Donna’s voice is incredible and this recording is of professional quality. I was shocked when i first listened…her voice and story definitely transports you on her Journey to Enlightenment!       

                                                           -Al Cole, CBS Radio, People of Distinction


Disclaimer: Do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.