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Types of Private Sessions & Fees
Private Sessions
Private Session Fees:

Schedule your private telephone session with Donna McGrath today.

You will receive a return call as soon as possible. During this brief 15 min FREE consultation Donna will ascertain whether she can help using her guidance and muscle kinesiology. The client will not be taken in if guidance feels she cannot help the situation. Donna is very experienced and accurate in this assessment. She will also determine the number of sessions that she is guided to suggest or is needed to effect a successful outcome.

For example, if five sessions are needed, Donna will not commence work or perform only one or two sessions due to client wants or monetary limitations. This is simply because therapy it will not work and Donna strives to achieve a very high success rate. Donna’s belief in her gift and guidance plus vast experience using her muscle kinesiology as a positive testing mechanism for predicting successful treatment regimes is unprecedented…assuming the client follows and is in compliance with protocols and recommendations.


All sessions are performed via Long Distance telephone healing sessions unless other arrangements are made following a show, expo or event. Worldwide sessions are usually held on Whatsapp.

After discussing your condition with Donna, a money request will be sent your e mail. Please submit payment before sessions are to commence. You will call Donna at the time of the session. E mail Donna at with questions.

Healing Sessions

Guidance is so precise that a percentage can be given as to the predicted improvement rate after each session. For instance, in the above example, compared to before treatment the client may see a 12% overall improvement after 1 session, (client will not FEEL a great deal better), 33% improvement after session two, a 42% improvement after session 3 (client will feel only a moderate amount better), 75% after session 4 (client will then feel much better than before treatment), after session 5, 100% better (client will feel good and recovered). Sometimes the client may request a few more sessions to “hold” the treatment, as triggers in the client’s home, relationship or work environment may surface and cause occasional lowering of vibration and backsliding. This does not negate the effectivity of the prior sessions, but points to another facet or deeper layer of the problem which needs to be addressed.

On Miracles:

A miracle by definition, is a sudden inexplicable supernatural event, which changes the clients entire paradigm and leads them on an instant new path to health and wholeness. It may be somewhat “unbelievable”, considering the previous path that they were on. This may occur any time in the normal treatment process…quickly in the beginning…or mostly in the last or next to the last session.

*Miracles are not predictable or guaranteed. Donna has seen miracles which occur before her eyes, such as a spider bite disappearing instantly or a skin burn due to a tea spill which disappeared instantly.

However, a delayed miracle was seen in a teen asthma sufferer, who worked with Donna and received a miracle after 6 months of weekly sessions. Once the teen was emotionally ready and motivated to go swimming asthma-free, one additional session was done and the asthma disappeared forever.


DO NOT wait until the last possible moment before surrendering to the Divine and asking for help with a Miracle. Also, please remember that doubt is a blockage to healing and is an aspect of fear.

***Clearing Abundance and Prosperity Blocks to Grounding Money in the Physical***


***Keys to Permanent Weight Loss (Releasing traumatic events in with fluctuation history)***

$500.00 5, 1.0 hr sessions

***Nutritional Guidance without energy work (Donna channeled remedies for 10 years in Health Food Industry)*** $150.00/hr

***Love Relationship Queries & Relationship History Clearing of Dysfunctional Patterns in Relationships*** $180.00/hr

Love Relationship

***Mediumship, Contact with Deceased Loved Ones*** $180.00/ hr


***Clearing Dis-ease Patterns, Soul Records and Core Issues*** Priced per Consultation and on an individual basis. Initial visit $250.00


Medical Disclaimer…Donna McGrath’s work is in no way, at any time considered to be a substitute for professional medical treatment and can never be misconstrued as such. Consult with your primary care physician first. Results may vary …miracles are never guaranteed, however are much MORE LIKELY with a very open and strong POSITIVE belief system.

Strict Policy– Absolutely NO monetary reimbursements are given once a treatment plan is paid. This is to keep compliance and keep the client improving throughout the protocol. Drastic change is not usually seen until the last session is completed, although many have large improvements beforehand. If the client does not call to schedule their remaining sessions, no reimbursements are given***.

Note: It is not up to Donna to convince skeptics of the efficacy of quantum energy work or the presence of Miracles! Donna has worked with over 45,000 since 1994.

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