Important information

Any purchase from this website will require a free account with Pay-Pal. If you already have an account with Pay-Pal then you will be taken to the login page for your account and your purchase will also be reflected after you log in. Most Credit cards are accepted through Pay-Pal.

If you do not  wish to use Pay-Pal, Then please contact Donna regarding other forms of payments.  

If you do not have a Pay-Pal account, click this link to create one. Clicking on this link will take you away from this website and take you directly to Pay-Pal.

After you complete your purchase, Pay-Pal will AUTO redirect you back to this website. This is where your link will be available via download from Donna McGraths personal Google Drive. The file can be downloaded to your PC, or Android phone (please be aware of where the file is downloaded on your Android phone). 

Critical information!

Information regarding iPhone’s. Due to their security, iPhone does not seem to allow for any option to download or save MP3 files. Therefore, If you do purchase any MP3 file from this website onto an iPhone, it is critical to save the location of the web-page you are given. If you lose the page, Please contact Donna for an email link.