Miracle Meditation MP3

Miracle of Total Body Healing Meditation

MP3 Meditation

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Union with the Godhead MP3 by Donna McGrath. $33.00 

The first in her Miracle of Total Body Healing Series, this multipurpose recording/meditation can be listened to over and over again to facilitate deeper and different levels of Total Body Healing.

Simply set your intention to rid yourself of any dis-ease condition or life condition which you intend to change, then let this divinely-inspired meditation put you in a state of deep theta meditation and bliss. It will remove blocks to your manifestation, whether known or unknown. At the pinnacle of the recording, Donna leads you to the Godhead, witnessing you in The Light of the Omniscent Godhead.

Donna McGrath has performed this meditation in front of live audiences and has proven that it holds the probability for creating large paradigm shifts and TRUE Miracles of Total Body Healing in your life.! Enjoy! Many Blessings, Namaste Donna+++God is Gracious!