New Years Eve 2021 Quantum Manifestation Meditation Workshop with Conscious Vitality

You are invited to join Spiritual Master Energy Healer, Donna McGrath and Erai Beckmann, Host of Conscious Vitality in this Quantum Manifestation Meditation which will clear out past programming and blockages regarding subconscious belief systems and patterns in poverty consciousness and create newfound ideas for manifestation of money, abundance, prosperity and Love…all grounded in the physical !

 *Donna will begin by discussing the process of Quantum Manifestation and common financial limiting belief systems and fears that block abundance, prosperity and money manifestation. She will then discuss, clear and accept audience personal requests.

 -In the second hour of the workshop, she will guide you through a special 45 minute abundance and money manifestation meditation, unblocking abundance blocks in the DNA patterning.

 -In the meditation Donna will overlay the audience with quantum energy frequencies and flower essence energies, opening new channels for money making and creating abundance, prosperity and love in your life.

 *Being receptive & present will magnetize all persons, people, events, and new thoughts/ new money sources and ventures directly to you at the Speed of Quantum Light…!!!!!!!!

Workshop Signup


Workshop signup: