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Donna McGrath, MT (ASCP), NIH Scientist, Author, Speaker

10 Effective Anti-Viral Natural Remedies for Flu, HIV and Corona Virus (COVID19)

  1. Black Elderberry- Cleaves off the “key” section of the virus so that it cannot attach to the ACE2 receptor site
  2. Licorice Root- Coats receptor site so the receptor site is blocked
  3. L-Lysine-inhibits replication of the virus inside cell
  4. Zinc-inhibits replication of virus inside cell
  5. Transfer Factor+- Clinical Studies that it boosts immune system function by 437%
  6. Clear Lungs by Ridgecrest- Chinese herbal remedy that induces cough, bringing up mucous, very effective
  7. Selenium-Necessary mineral that is often diminished in cases of heavy metal toxicity
  8. Vit C liposomal-Inhibits replication of virus
  9. Vit A-Coats cell receptor sites to prevent virus from entering cell
  10. Ocillococcinum-Homeopathic remedy for flu, viruses, effective when taken at first sign of symptoms
  11. Chaga- Increases immune system by approx 2000%
  12. Colloidal Silver- Kills over 380 different pathogens, mostly good for bacterial infections.

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